Zuzana Matuščáková

How to avoid burnout and find the balance in life

Panel discussion

The work of a physician is one of the most vulnerable in terms of burnout syndrome, and therefore it is very important to raise mental health topics together. In this panel discussion, which will be led by Zuzana Matuščáková, author of the podcast Nevyhorení, we will try to do that. Together with experts, we will discuss what burnout actually is, how it happens and what to do to avoid it. Guests will also share their personal experience and the lessons it has brought them.


Zuzana Matuščáková is an editor of Forbes magazine and co-founder of the Nevyhorení project, which aims to contribute to more discussion about mental health in Slovakia. She is the co-author of the book Nevyhoreni, which brought 21 true stories about burnout syndrome from Slovakia, and has been running a podcast with the same name since June last year. Together with psychologists and other experts, she discusses various phenomena in the field of mental health and wellbeing.

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