JUDr. Ing. Miroslav Chlipala, PhD.

What a dentist should know about GDPR so that he is not as afraid as the patient in his chair

with the subtitle „The perfect crash course on data protection and GDPR for dentists“

Privacy and GDPR have become synonymous with problems and misunderstanding. I encounter the opinion that the GDPR has brought fundamental, new and bureaucratic obligations. The opposite is true! GDPR offers guidance on how to protect more than just personal data. Let’s get the gist, purpose and meaning of this regulation out there and explain it clearly. What will be the scope of my explanation? I will range from what you need to know to what you are interested in.


JUDr. Ing. Miroslav Chlipala, PhD. works as an attorney and partner in the law firm Bukovinský & Chlipala, LLC, focusing on IT law, privacy and cybersecurity and intellectual property. He is a member of the Working Group on the digitalization of the law practice, as well as a certified tutor of the Council of Europe for the training of lawyers, judges and prosecutors in the HELP programme and a member of the Standing Commission on Ethics and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence at MIRRI. He actively participates in professional conferences and conducts workshops and seminars where he presents on current topics in the field of IT law with an emphasis on the logical interconnection of law and technology.