Paul Gerlóczy, D.M.D.


Reducing the preparation in ceramic indirect restorations: where are the limits?

Reduction of the tooth surface is a fine balance between the principle of minimal intervention, the structural requirements of the restorative material and esthetic considerations. Among other considerations there is the need to have adequate material to resist the forces of occlusion and to achieve proper anatomic contour.

With the introduction of high strength ceramics, the use of adhesive cementation and a change from predominately bi-layered materials toward monolithic ones, we now have the ability to markedly reduce the amount of tooth preparation compared to traditional techniques. However, the number of materials with varying physical properties and the lack of research in this area has led to much confusion in the profession.

How much tooth reduction is adequate and for which materials? What effect does the substrate have, when is adhesive cementation recommended and will it contribute to the long-term survival of high strength ceramic restorations? There has also been some uncertainty regarding the optimum adhesive protocol for oxide ceramics and the long term success of the bond.

These and other issues will be addressed in this lecture based on the literature and over thirty years of experience with bonded ceramic restorations.



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