Dr. Anja Baraba


Fiber reinforced bridges- scientific and clinical point of view

The loss of teeth in anterior and posterior region requires the rehabilitation of both aesthetics and function. Replacement of a missing tooth is always a challenge, especially when the adjacent teeth are intact. Although different options are available in these cases, like provisional removable appliance, fixed bridge or dental implants, there are also alternatives to these traditional treatments. Fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) bridges can be used as temporary or long-term solutions for replacing missing teeth in anterior and posterior region. The advantage of using fibers based on interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) technology is in obtaining a strong chemical adhesion to hard dental tissues and in a possibility to replace the missing tooth without any preparation of the adjacent teeth or with minimally invasive preparations. In the lecture, indications for placement of FRC bridges will be discussed, from scientific and clinical point of view, with presentation of clinical cases.


Anja Baraba, Associate Professor, Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Anja Baraba was born on November 19, 1981. in Split, Croatia, where she finished primary and secondary school. She enrolled at School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2000. and she graduated in 2006. As a student, she was aworded with Dean’s recognition in 2002., 2003. i 2004. and with Dean’s prize  in 2005. In 2001., she  received a state grant for talented students (catagory A) and she also received a grant in 2005. «Top stipendiju za top studente» (Nacional newspaper ). She started working at the Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry in 2008. She finished her PhD in 2011. and her specialty in the field of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry in 2013. In 2014., she become assistant professor and in 2019., associate professor. In 2012., she was aworded a prize as one of the most successful young researchers at the University of Zagreb, Croatia and she was also aworded a prize for the best teacher, students choice, in  2014/2015. and in 2018.  She has published many scientific and professional articles. She is currently teaching preclinical and clinical courses at School of Dental Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia, for study program in both Croatian and English. She is a head of courses at postgraduate and PhD studies and and lectures on continuous educational courses for doctors of dental medicine. She has participated actively in many inland and international congresses. She is a member of Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Croatian Medical Association, International Association for Dental Research. She is secretary of Croatian Society for Minimum Intervention Dentistry from 2016.