Doc. MUDr. Andrej Thurzo, PhD., MPH, MHA

Curiosities from the practice of forensic expert in dentistry

The forensic expert encounters many conflicts between patient and dentist in his or her practice. Very often the initiator of the conflict is another dentist. The lecture will also cover the issue of the financial consequences of slandering a colleague in front of a patient, or the topic of personal revenge between colleagues and its legal consequences for both parties. We will also show the difference between a forensic expert and a consultant to the health care surveillance authority.


He was the first in Slovakia to create and lecture stereoscopic 3D lectures in the teaching of medical students in the subject of jaw orthopaedics, the first to introduce aligners and artificial intelligence into clinical orthodontic practice in Slovakia. He is the only forensic expert in Slovakia with orthodontic specialisation. He is the leader of a multidisciplinary group of experts developing applications of 3D printing to medical practice. He is dedicated to linking the clinical practice of regenerative dentistry and research on 3D printed hydroxyapatite scaffolds with biocolonization of mesenchymal stem cells.